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Digital Tire Inflation Treasure Wireless Inflation Pump Mini Convenient Illuminatable Car Inflation Pump

Digital Tire Inflation Treasure Wireless Inflation Pump Mini Convenient Illuminatable Car Inflation Pump

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Product attributes:

Material: ABS+nylon+all copper movement

Color classification: black

Power cord length: 3M

Power supply type: battery

Rated voltage: 7.4V

Rated current: ≤ 8A

Rated power: 60W

Continuous working time: ≤ 20L/min

Cylinder specification: 16MM

Output air pressure: 0-150PSI

Battery capacity: 2000mah * 2

Type: Single cylinder

Scope of application: automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, swimming circles

Inflation tube length:/

Additional function: lighting

Air pressure flow rate: 25L/min

Continuous working time: more than 20 minutes

Display type: digital display

Inflation speed: Extreme inflation

Main application scope: All inflatable ball products, bicycle tires, motorcycle tires, electric car tires, wheelchair balance vehicles, etc., suitable for inflating and replenishing small car tires.

Product features:

1. Precise improvement of air pressure sensor. Stop when fully charged; Upgrade digital chip sensors for smaller and more accurate errors. Automatically stop when fully filled with set values

2. Multiple presets, with five scene presets and four air pressure units built-in, with - key switching, saving worry and time

3. Upgrade the full button backlight, add several LEDs next to the operation buttons, and the screen and buttons will light up when turned on, making night operation more convenient

4. Lamp panel lighting design. Upgrade the 19x 13.5mm lamp panel lighting, bid farewell to the low lumen small lamp beads, and use an inflatable pump. It's a flashlight again

5. There are three lighting modes: long press the first button to turn on the lighting (white light is constantly on), long press the second button to turn on the alarm light (red light low-frequency flashing), and long press the third button to turn on the SOS distress light (red light SOS flashing)

6. The inner sink and anti scald design of the inflation port ensures smooth inflation during operation. The temperature of the inflation port can reach 120 ° C, and the sinking inside the port can to some extent reduce the probability of scalding events

7. Upgrade the ventilation system to increase the ventilation area, which is more conducive to internal heat dissipation and makes work more stable

8. Emergency external charging, upgraded with USB power output interface. Can temporarily serve as a power bank for use.


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