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Smart Fingerprint Lock Bluetooth APP Electronic Smart Padlock Non-Password Lock Home Locker Anti-Theft Fingerprint Lock

Smart Fingerprint Lock Bluetooth APP Electronic Smart Padlock Non-Password Lock Home Locker Anti-Theft Fingerprint Lock

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Model: P5/P5BF

Material: alloy steel

Scope of application: gate, warehouse door, cabinet door, yard door, luggage

Style: light luxury

Type: Household Padlock


1. P5 is a single fingerprint unlock, and a maximum of 20 fingerprints can be entered.

      P5BF is fingerprint + bluetooth APP + temporary key + remote authorization to unlock, up to 15 fingerprints can be entered.

2, IP65 waterproof, support outdoor use.


New Security Upgrade

Smart Fingerprint Padlock


Artificial intelligence becomes more sensitive

Every unlock will be re-learned through smart pattern stitching and image recognition

Constantly increasing the speed, the more you use it, the more sensitive it becomes


New unlocking method

One-piece unlocking is simple and convenient, rejecting the key to unlock


     Bluetooth unlock                Fingerprint unlock               Password unlock           Temporary password


Fingerprint unlock

Fingerprint ID function device unlock and authentication security

A new way to be private


Easy to unlock with one touch

Using semiconductor living sensor fingerprint technology

20 fingerprints can be entered


Remote authorized unlocking

It can be remotely authorized to share and unlock, and there is no need to wait in the distance


One-click authorization to unlock

One-click delete unlock permission

Unlock records can be queried

When someone unlocks your phone, you can see the unlock record no matter where you are


IP67 standard waterproof

IP67 refers to the protection safety level

Solid state protection class 6, liquid protection class 7



Waterproof protection

Adapt to outdoor scenes

Silicone shell protection, with a certain waterproof function


Metal lock body

Strong and durable

Intelligent electronic lock, ADC12 aluminum alloy lock body, no lock

anti master key



Alloy steel

High-strength thickened alloy material, resistant to high-tonnage hydraulic clamp

Waterproof and rustproof



USB charging

Long battery life

As simple as charging a mobile phone, you can charge it with the power bank that you carry with you

Easy to use


Adapt to the scene

Use a variety of scenarios, safe and convenient to use

Backpack    Gate Wardrobe   Gate Stadium    Iron Gate




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